Dental vENEERS


We love the results we get with veneers!

The best solution for a brand new smile

We love this procedure because it is an instant smile changer.

Dental veneers are a thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells that are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth. This immediatetly changes the appearance of the tooth and the entire smile. Our patients are are happy, we are happy. Veneers are used to treat many different concerns, including chipped, broken, discolored, or to change the size and shape.


How often after leaving a dentist do you hear from your kids, “when is my next appointment mom?” I LOVE this dentist office and everyone in it.


Fantastic staff! Dr. Wong has the best professional personality! He gets to know his patients and their dental needs!


Everyone is kind, thorough, professional, and accommodating.

Experience something different.

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Our staff makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

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