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Don't you hate it when you have a mild “toothache” feeling that something is just not quite right in your mouth?  Today we’ll discuss symptoms of a few common dental problems, and when to call the dentist. Tooth-Question-Mark.jpg

Bleeding gums, if this just started, you may need to brush and floss more to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria. Bleeding gums, accompanied by a bad taste or horrendous breath, could signal a more serious gum infection or gum disease. It could also be the chips you just ate! If you are overdue for a check up and have these symptoms, you should come in right away. Click here to request an appointment. 

Cold Sensitivity. While common, it can be a sign of tooth decay, a fractured tooth, or gum recession. Grinding or clenching can also cause cold sensitivity.  We treat many patients who are grinders and clenchers, and with a custom-fitted mouth guard, relief can be found. If you are in the grinder group and also suffer from headaches, a custom splint is something to consider. Click here for a complimentary bite evaluation. 

Odd feeling you can’t describe? If the area has an old silver  fillings ( or dark fillings ), it may have a cavity underneath. Cavities can develop under an old filling over time.  This occurs through the expansion and contraction of the material.  Bacteria can get under the silver filling and causes both the filling and the tooth to rot. Silver fillings are opaque to radiographs, so it is difficult to see a cavity under the filling until they are quite large or present symptoms.  Preventing the growth of these cavities can mean the difference between getting another filling, needing a crown, or even a root canal. If an old filling is present, along with a strange sensation, a visit to the dentist is recommended

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