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Should I get my own dental insurance?

When you think of insurance, you mostly likely think of medical, automobile, or homeowner’s insurance. These types of insurance insure you against a catastrophic loss, such as a major surgery, accident, or home fire.

Dental insurance is slightly different, in that it isn’t designed to help in these situations.

Some dental plan facts

Many dental insurance plans have an annual maximum of around $1000.00. This varies by the policy, but any expense over the plan maximum is not covered.

  • Most policies carry a yearly deductible and only pay 50% of certain procedures, such as crowns and bridges.
  • You should also be aware of what is called a waiting or probationary period. Waiting periods mean that for a period of time after you first become insured, the policy will not pay for certain work.
  • There might be other exclusions, so be sure to check the policy carefully and not just assume if you need a procedure, it is a covered benefit. Every policy has exclusions, and many needed procedures are excluded from some plans.

Employer sponsored dental plans may be a better deal, especially if your employer pays all or part of your premium.  If this is your situation, let our highly trained treatment planners help you navigate your policy to maximize your benefits. 

If you have a healthy mouth, dental insurance probably is not worth the cost.  If you have problems looming, be sure to look at the plan maximums, coverage tables, and waiting periods and decide if insurance is a good value. 

If you choose to forego dental insurance, our practice offers cash discounts and several financing options for your dental treatment.  Click below to contact us today, and let us get to work taking care of you!

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