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We are excited to introduce CariVu. CariVu is a new diagnostic technology used to detect cavities ( dental caries ) or other defects in your teeth.  It uses a special light and camera that makes tooth enamel transparent and darkens lesions or other damage in your teeth ( also called 'transluminal caries detection` or 'laser fluorescence' ).

Patients can benefit in several ways from CariVu technology. Children and adults who have difficulty taking x-rays are able to utilize CariVu in lieu of x-rays.  While digital x-rays emit very little radiation, CariVu has no ionizing radiation.

Even better, when CariVu is used in conjunction with digital x-rays the dentist is able to pin point areas of concern in your teeth.   This can help prevent removing unnecessary tooth structure when repairing damaged teeth.

Even more exciting, dark fillings ( amalgam or silver fillings ) often have rotting tooth structure around it, but due to the way dark fillings appear in xrays, it can be very difficult to detect.  With CariVu we are able to detect the beginnings of decay very early on which leads to early replacement, and may negate the need for crowns or more extensive dental work. 

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