After IMplant Care and Instructions

How long will my implants last?

Dental implants aim to replicate the natural make up of a tooth and so, just as with the rest of your teeth, their durability will depend largely on how well they are maintained. If looked after properly, a dental implant should last for a good many years. That said, they do not come with a lifetime guarantee and neglect can lead to the same problems you might experience with any other tooth.


Cleaning implants requires the same level of home care as natural teeth, although there may be areas that you could find difficult to reach. Some find that they may need to take more frequent visits to the hygienist to ensure their upkeep. At your next visit, ask your hygienist for ways to improve your home care program to help maintain your implants between visits.

Keep regular dental maintenance appointments

It is critical to check your implants at least once yearly, in addition to your three or six month cleaning schedule. At this appointment, the bone level will be evaluated along with many other factors such as soft tissue condition, and occlusion. Like many things in dentistry and medicine, if the problem is found early enough it can usually be corrected without the more serious consequences that result in not addressing it earlier.

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